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Our Team
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Jacquie Chilvers

Centre Director

Jacquie's dedication to Armadale Early Learning Centre is evident in her commitment to fostering a close-knit community grounded in mutual respect and kindness. She strives to create an environment where every member feels supported and encouraged, aiming to ignite within children a lifelong passion for learning. Jacquie values creativity, curiosity, problem-solving skills, resilience and exploration, seeking to nurture these qualities in the children she works with. Her commitment to excellence is complemented by her belief in the importance of fostering a sense of family within the center. Jacquie embraces a learner-centric approach, prioritising the validation, amplification, and responsiveness to children's voices to empower them with agency in their learning journey. Her dedication to creating an environment where children actively participate in their education reflects the core ethos of Armadale Early Learning Centre.

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Calvina Gohan

Teacher - Wombat Group - 4 year-old

Calvina's dedication to early childhood education is underscored by her Teaching Qualification, exemplified in the form of a Graduate Diploma in Education (Early Childhood). Central to her approach is a profound passion for fostering children's development and learning through dynamic physical activities and movements. Recognising the holistic nature of education, Calvina's focus extends beyond traditional academic learning. She is deeply committed to nurturing essential life skills and values, including emotional regulation, problem-solving, kindness, resilience, and confidence. Through purposeful engagement and hands-on experiences, Calvina creates a supportive environment where children are encouraged to explore, experiment, and grow both academically and personally. Her dedication to cultivating well-rounded individuals resonates in every aspect of her practice, as she strives to empower children with the tools and mindset needed to navigate the complexities of the world with confidence and compassion.


Holly Wang

Teacher - Possum Group - 4 year-old

Holly brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role at Armadale Early Learning Centre, having obtained a Master of Teaching in Early Childhood and currently pursuing a Master of International Education with a focus on the International Baccalaureate (IB). Since joining Armadale Early Learning Centre in 2017, she has thrived within a supportive team environment, contributing to the nurturing community that makes Armadale Early Learning Centre such a special place for both children and adults alike. Holly's unwavering dedication stems from her passion for creating positive learning environments for young children, recognising the fundamental role of positivity in shaping lifelong learning experiences. She is deeply committed to understanding the individual learning styles of each child and the profound impact of social-emotional development on their educational journey. Through her practice, Holly strives to foster a sense of belonging, curiosity, and joy in learning, laying the groundwork for a future filled with endless possibilities for her students.


Jenny Grimshaw

Teacher - Kangaroo Group - 3 year-old

Jenny's rich tapestry of experience spans fifteen fulfilling years in the early childhood education sector, with three of those dedicated to nurturing young minds at Armadale Community Kindergarten. Prior to her tenure in education, Jenny's professional journey unfolded as a Pediatric Nurse, a role she embraced before embarking on a transformative hiatus to raise her four children while living overseas. Amidst her professional endeavors, Jenny finds solace and joy in the simple pleasures of cooking, leisurely walks, immersing herself in the pages of a good book, and exploring new destinations through travel. However, it is her unwavering passion for witnessing the blossoming of children within the nurturing embrace of kindergarten that truly ignites her spirit. Jenny's heart lies in fostering an environment where children not only develop confidence and forge friendships but also discover their unique identities. Through her caring guidance and steadfast dedication, Jenny endeavors to cultivate a space where every child feels seen, heard, and valued, laying the foundation for a lifetime of growth and discovery.


Anna Hart

Teacher - Koala Group - 3 year-old

Equipped with a Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies and a Bachelor of Education, Anna has been dedicated to educating young minds for numerous years. With experience spanning across different age groups, Anna finds particular fulfillment in fostering the learning and development of children in their inaugural year of kindergarten. Witnessing their progression in emotional, social, and cognitive skills, crucial for their journey into the 4-year-old group and beyond, brings her immense joy. Outside of her professional endeavors, Anna finds solace in travel, cherishing moments with her family and two canine companions. Nature holds a special place in her heart, often found exploring hiking trails or tending to her hobby farm.


Carol Kwok

Teacher - Emu Group - 3 & 4 year-old

Carol finds fulfillment in fostering kindness and respect among children, along with instilling positive attitudes and a growth mindset. With a Master of Teaching in Early Years, she is dedicated to nurturing children's confidence, ensuring they feel empowered to share their ideas and thoughts. Carol delights in engaging children in art play and sensory activities, such as the joyous messiness of playdough making, providing opportunities for shared creativity. One of her cherished moments is listening to the imaginative stories children create, each narrative a glimpse into their vibrant imaginations. Through her gentle guidance and genuine care, Carol aims to create a supportive environment where children feel valued and inspired to explore the world around them.

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Sophie Conroy

Educator - Possum Group - 4 year-old

Sophie is an educator with a robust foundation in early childhood education, boasting a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. Currently advancing her expertise, she is diligently pursuing a Bachelor of Early Childhood and Primary Teaching. With two decades dedicated to nurturing young minds, Sophie's passion for her craft is palpable. In 2024, she embarked on a new chapter, joining the esteemed team at AELC. Beyond her professional endeavors, Sophie finds joy in outdoor escapades, exploring new destinations, whipping up culinary delights, and cherishing moments with her loved ones. At AELC, she finds fulfillment in witnessing the enchantment of childhood unfold each day, viewing the world through the unfiltered lens of her young charges. Sophie thrives in an environment that champions children's autonomy, providing ample opportunities for exploration, movement, and play.


Chloe Jeffs

Educator - Kangaroo Group - 3 year-old

Chloe's journey into the world of early childhood education began as a Learn to Swim teacher, where she discovered her passion for guiding and nurturing young minds. Motivated by this experience, she embarked on a path of learning, earning a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and setting her sights on a bachelor's degree, scheduled for completion in 2025. Since 2022, Chloe has been an integral part of the Armadale Community Kindergarten team, where she is deeply committed to fostering an environment that ignites curiosity, creativity, and confidence in children. Embracing her role with zeal, she finds immense satisfaction in witnessing the world through their unique perspectives and guiding them along their developmental journey. Beyond her tenure at Armadale, Chloe extends her expertise to a long daycare setting, further enriching her understanding of diverse age groups. Her unwavering passion for making a positive impact on children's lives fills her with joy and drives her dedication to teaching. With boundless energy and enthusiasm, Chloe eagerly anticipates the opportunity to shape the future of the children she serves, bringing her warmth, dedication, and a wealth of experience to every interaction.

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Mai Giang

Educator - Koala & Emu Groups - 3 & 4 year-old

Mai boasts eight enriching years of experience in the realm of early childhood education, including a fulfilling year with Armadale Early Learning Centre. With an unwavering dedication to molding young minds, Mai is deeply committed to instilling values of responsibility and respect in the children under her care. Beyond the classroom, Mai's interests span the realms of science, culinary arts, and the joyous art of dance. Yet, her true passion lies in witnessing the growth and development of her students, empowering them to make choices that yield positive outcomes. Mai finds immense gratification in nurturing the budding independence of each child, guiding them toward a future filled with promise and potential. As she brings her unique blend of expertise, enthusiasm, and compassion to her role, Mai eagerly looks forward to contributing to the transformative journey of the children entrusted to her care.


Fiona Power

Educator - Wombat Group - 4 year-old

Meet Fiona, an esteemed Educator at Armadale Early Learning Centre for over 11 years. Armed with a Diploma of Community Services and Children's Services, Fiona furthered her expertise with a certificate in Education Support/Integration Aide from Deakin University in 2013. Outside of her professional endeavors, Fiona treasures moments spent with her three teenage children. Fiona finds immense privilege in witnessing children's growth, learning, and development. Building positive connections with both children and their families, she fosters a collaborative approach to each child's personal development journey.


Sylvia Stutt

Centre Administrator

Passionate about Armadale Early Learning Centre, Sylvia was drawn to its nurturing and caring environment when her own children attended. Inspired by its ethos, she eagerly became part of this community to contribute to its warmth and supportiveness. Outside of work, she relishes time spent at the family farm, immersed in nature and surrounded by animals. Additionally, she cherishes moments with loved ones, valuing the bond of family and friends.

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Armadale Early Learning Centre is committed to protecting the safety and wellbeing of all children.


All teachers are degree qualified and registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching.

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